The sun is shining brightly, the temperature is climbing – the perfect day to enjoy the outdoors with your faithful four-legged friend. But beware! The summer heat can be dangerous for dogs. Their fur traps heat and they can’t sweat like us. So how do you keep your furry friend cool during sultry summer days?

Provide shade and water

Create a shady refuge where your dog can cool off. An umbrella, trees or a shady spot in your yard provide the perfect cool down. Provide fresh, cool water and pamper your dog with a small doggie pool to paddle their paws in. Don’t forget: you, too, enjoy some cooling on hot days! While your dog is cooling off, you can relax with a game of poker at one of the Dutch online casinos.

Walk with care

Avoid long walks during the hot afternoon hours. Opt for the coolness of the morning or evening. Asphalt can heat up to 50 degrees, which can cause burns on the soles of your dog’s feet. Lift your dog and only put him down on grass. Is the evening pleasant? Then enjoy an adventure at an off-leash field. Let your dog romp while you enjoy a game of poker or roulette on your cell phone, with a cool drink within reach.

Symptoms of overheating

Be alert for signs of overheating: excessive panting, vomiting, weakness, dizziness and pale gums. Take immediate action: take your dog to a cool place, offer water and cool his body with damp cloths. Contact your veterinarian if symptoms persist.

About the Author: Giovanni

After a dedicated 20-year career as a veterinarian, I now share my passion and knowledge on my blog focused on pet wellness. My experience covers everything from preventive care to treating complex conditions. I strive to provide animal lovers with valuable insights on the health and happiness of their pets, from nutritional advice to behavioral guidance.